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What Others Are Sayin'


           Jeremy Eng           

           Thanks again Rick for an amazing fishing day. My son couldn't stop talking about how much fun he had. We relived 
           everyone one of his 30 caught fish at least twice on the long trip back to Denver. Thanks for helping me make a lifetime 
           memory for him.

          Elissa Hanneman

          We had the chance to fish with Rick as a family over the weekend in Buena Vista, CO. Our experience was truly priceless!
          Not only was it a great family activity, but we also had a blast catching TONS of fish, including two of the biggest trout we've  
          ever reeled in! Our kids will remember our charter forever. Rick's passion for fishing is evident and he really goes above and   
          beyond to offer a top notch experience!

         Beth Ellen Bufford

         We went on fishing trip in October of 2013 with Rick Larson. It was one of the best fishing trips we have ever had. We are from  
         Florida and own 2 boats ourselves and fish at least 3 times a month salt water and fresh water, and have booked other
tours around the world. Rick was the most knowledgable guide and great conversationalist that we have ever
         come across. I would recommend this guide all day long. THANKS, RICK, FOR A GREAT TIME.

Clarence Carlson and Marvin Hart

We booked a six hour tour with Rick of "" and fished Green Mountain Reservoir and had a marvelous time. Rick is a true professional and expert when it comes to not only finding trout, but also with catching trout too. He knows exactly what type and color of lures to use so that your time is not wasted with periods of no action. We came close to actually catching 30 trout of different varieties, counting what we kept (15), released back (approx. 8) and what we lost pulling in ( approx. 8). The day before Rick said his 2 man party caught 32 trout out of the same place. We have to say, without a doubt, Rick knows what he is doing and anyone who hires him as as fishing guide will not be disappointed with their results at the end of the day.

Eric Grace

Thanks to Rick for an outstanding day of fishing! My Dad and I caught Rainbow, Brown, and Lake Trout, as well as Salmon. The stringer of fish we kept were in the 14 to 18 inch range, and we caught many more than we kept. Rick is a professional who keeps tabs on the fishing at all the mountain lakes, so he knows where to go for the best fishing. The trip was all we had hoped for!

Reuben Perez

It was one of the best trips I ever had. Could not ask for anything better. For sure going to take another trip with Rick and go for some of those lakers!!!! Thanks Rick for showing me such an awesome day of fishing!

Keith Aksel

Thanks Rick for a great time out on the water. You know how to make a fishing trip memorable (I still can't believe I laded 26). I know I chose the right charter for my first trout catch, and I look forward to doing it again with you in the future!

Ray Lightle

My wife and 2 daughters spent a great day of fishing on Grand Lake! Although the morning started a little slow Rick was able to put us on fish and our party was able to catch 38-40 fish. He was great with our 10 and 14 year old daughters. Thanks for the great day of fishing and we will be back next year!

Robert Day

Thank you for being our guide Rick. We had an awesome time and enjoyed hanging out with you. You'll be glad to know we got all the fish home ok. Thank you so much for putting us on a solid bite on such a beautiful lake, my dad and I had a great time.

Tom Rainbow

Phyllis "The Fish Slayer" and I went out with Rick on July 3, 2015. To an absolutely beautiful lake and the fishing was fantastic! We got 72 fish on the boat. Rick was great - a relaxing way to spend a day. The only downside to the trip was on a six hour charter, there may have been two periods of longer than 20 minutes when we didn't have a fish on! If you have a chance, spend the day fishing with Rick - I've been out with him about 6 times and each trip has been fantastic.


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